Introduction to A2

A2 is Jason Moore originally from Carshalton, Surrey and Martin Hesketh, originally from Belfast. The pair met many years ago whilst working in the Operating Department of St Helier Hospital, Carshalton, A2 Theatres to be precise, which is why they chose the name.  At that time they already had a lot of musical experience behind them, so teamed up on many of musical projects.

They finally decided to work on this current A2 project in 2010. They agreed that they only wanted to go ahead as a two piece and use backin tracks, but were adamant that they would record their own backin’ tracks, plus take it one step further by videoing the actual recording of the backin’ tracks and play them back on a screen during performances. 

This method produced dynamic capabilities; recording backin’ tracks this way meant that they could mix all the recording tracks during a performance if required. They invested in high quality equipment to make sure they could provide a dynamic sound that delivered a full live band sound.

As well as the financial investment, this project took 5 years of recording, videoing and lots of testing to get it right. They now have over 3 hours of videoed backin’ tracks, and continue to record more and more as the months roll by.